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School of Motion

If you keep up with my blog you know that I decided to teach myself After Effects back in March/April. Well I was finally able to sign up for the online course that I've been dying to take, School of Motion's: Animation Bootcamp.. I just wrapped up my third week, so in short... I've been busy! The whole course takes 10 weeks and boy do I feel like I'm in school again. I've been learning a lot and can't wait to share with you everything at the end… 

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It's All in the Details

Everyone seems to experience burn out. It's not necessarily always the big kind where you quit your job and sell all your things and travel the world for a year. Sometimes it's just the small kind. The kind where you've got a good thing going but your battery could use a recharge. The kind where you just need to flex a muscle that's not getting used. This is the kind I've been feeling lately… 

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