Mendl's How-To in After Effects

This was my first after effects video. I decided to take a subject I was passionate about, Wes Anderson, and dive in to see what I could learn. All of the illustration, motion, and sound editing was done by me. The recipe is actually from a video that already exists. That video is great I just decided to use it as inspiration to expand my skill set. 

I created my illustrations in illustrator and brought them into after effects to add motion. After completing the animation I brought it into adobe audition and edited the soundtrack. There was lots of YouTube and AE tutorial searching along the way. 

I learned from this experience that motion design is addicting! I plan to keep working at this and continue to grow my skills. I also learned that shorter and more complex animations are something I want to explore more. I don’t anticipate any animations this long for a while, while I continue to learn, but never say never.

Hope you enjoy the clip and I appreciate any feedback!