Presentation Design

I gave a talk to a group of soon to be college design graduates and realized a lot of them had never heard of "presentation design." It certainly wasn't something I had ever thought/heard of while I was in school. However, in the bay area at least it's an in-demand design role and I thought I'd share what I did with these students about getting started in it. 

What the heck is presentation design?

As a presentation designer I help people find their stories and share them with the world, or maybe just their boss. You can wear many hats in this role. Some of the things I do include: crafting a narrative, coming up with visuals (photography, video, illustration, layouts, typography, color etc), building templates, working with the presenters, considering the design of the space where the presentation will take place, picking out music, running the slides live etc.

Here is an example of one project I recently completed:

What are some first steps one can take to start learning presentation design?

To learn the technical skill I suggest going to and take the keynote course.

To learn about the storytelling side I would check out Duarte. They have all kinds of tips beyond just the technical skills. Storytelling really is the other half of presentation design. 

Nancy Duarte has also written books that make for great resources. 

If you're looking to get inspired TED is full of content. 

But honestly I learned the most by just doing it. I recommend that you dive into keynote (or powerpoint if that is your preference) and start building presentations. As a student creating a digital portfolio is a great place to start!