Now that July is upon us and half the year has already passed by I thought I would check in on those New Year's resolutions I made myself and see where I stand. Turns out I'm not doing too bad! The ones in bold are the ones I've accomplished so far (8 out of 17) and 2 more are about to be accomplished. The rest could still use some work.  I have to say overall I'm pretty happy about how far I've gotten so far and I'm happy to be reminded by a few of these I still want to carry out. I hope everyone else is accomplishing everything they had hoped to in 2017!

1. Grow in my design career
2. More illustration
3. Update portfolio

4. Stop saying "like"
5. Play the ukelele more
6. Run Ragnar
7. Run 1 half marathon (Happening in August)
8. Workout 5x a week
9. Read 24 books (23 so far!)
10. Shop less
11. Practice minimalism
12. Travel outside the US
13. Learn something new
14. Give a talk
15. Volunteer

16. Complain less
17. Look at my phone less