Ellen s riley

Presentation Designer & Illustrator


Hello! My name is Ellen and I specialize in presentation and icon design. As I've developed my skills, my passion for illustration has grown. I am drawn toward modern art and a minimalist approach. There is a beauty that comes from simplicity and a welcome challenge in designing it. I have a background in branding and presentation design, and continue to be inspired by my community here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently working as a designer for Airbnb where I explore with innovative story telling and bringing delight to presentations. I'm a self proclaimed book worm, love a Wes Anderson film, and enjoy putting together stellar dinner parties with friends. I have a passion for running, traveling, and obsessing over French Bulldogs. I am a designer, an optimist, an explorer, and a modern woman looking to take on the world one challenge at a time. 


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One of the fun parts about working in house is the challenge of shaking up your brand. Got to play with some fun illustrations and bold colors for this latest project. I helped with creating a run of show, creating a design direction for the keynote, and then in charge of the slide production…

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